Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sissy's New Punch Needle on eBay

After having missed a week of listing her punch needle embroidery pieces, sissy worked like a dog getting 7 new pieces ready for eBay this week! There's a really unique piece she designed, mounted on a chippy, antique keyhole metal plate that she picked up at the Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta. For those of you who received your stimulus check and are thinking about doing a little early holiday shopping, there are 2 Halloween and a Christmas piece you will not want to miss. I love the look of the embroideries mounted on the "horn books," and she has 2 of these this week! ( expired).

You can view her auctions here:


And I'm back on eBay, listing new auction template designs. I finally bit the bullet and decided having to send a CD with the documents on it to purchasers because of the Ebay ban on digital items is not really such a big deal. It's just one more step...

I had such a blast creating the seashells and sand backgrounds for this one:

Till next time,


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Kimmie said...

Hi My Mary!
Love your sissy's work! She is an excellent needlepuncher. Your new template is adorable too. :-)

I used my new Lamb template yesterday to list a couple of Antique Items for hubby, they are ugly! Ick..anyway, I LOVE working with your templates! How easy to follow. Thank You Oooodles and Ooodles. Now its time to get ready for my Dr. Appt. TTYL...

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