Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sharing a Wonderful Punch Needle Seller!

Many of you may have noticed that I have not offered any punch needle creations in quite some time. Those of you who are at the point in age where you find yourself playing that 'ole sliding trombone in order to SEE, know how frustrating it can be to do "close" work. I do have bifocals, but they just aren't working for me. So I decided to put the punch needle offerings away for now. I do have another great source for you, though! One I can highly recommend since it just so happens to be my baby sister. Actually, I have 2 sisters who love punch needle embroidery. One is looking to replace her high paid banking job from which she was laid off ~ and she's getting close. Today she has a very important second interview, so she's at the very top of my prayer list. The other, "The Baby," is a stay-at-home mom who just recently started selling her punch needle embroideries on eBay. Her eBay ID is "magpie1217." Here is just one example of her lovely work.

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Another thing "The Baby" and I have in common is the love of antique quilts and quilt making. She is currently offering one of her full sized machine-pieced quilts on eBay as well. We have worked on many quilt projects together ~ from a loon motif one for a favorite "Loony" aunt, to a 50th Anniversary signature quilt for my parents. We learned together and strive to produce heirloom quality quilts with all cotton, quilt-shop quality fabrics, cotton batting, and hand-stitched bindings, to produce characteristics that mimic as closely as possible, the antique quilts which we obsessively admire, collect and treasure!

You can see "The Baby's" treasures this week here:


Well, Sis, here's to your success!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I received a message...

Last night a higher being, (my belief is that it was God since I'm catholic), sent me a message.

It came from an unlikely source. I have no doubt that the message was for my benefit, but I also believe it was meant to heal the teller as well.

About 8 months ago, we purchased our very first "new" old house. In the months to follow, our house revealed to us it's many imperfections. We began to create a priority list because first of all we don't have a bagful of money lying around, and secondly, repairs must be made in a systematic, planned order so that you don't end up undoing and reworking improvements already made and paid for.

At the top of the list was a total re-do of the HVAC system. Last week, after it was done, we started to have interruption in our electrical service. It was COLD out, and convinced it was something the HVAC contractor could have done, I called them first to start ruling out the source of the problem. They came, checked the voltage going into their units and found it was only 120 volts. They then backtracked and checked the power company's meter coming into the house and found instead of delivering 240 volts, it was only delivering 120 volts. Having found the source of the problem, we called the power company. The service report read "Replaced Lug in Meter ~ D4 Burn Catastrophic Failure." All I could think of was "I wonder how much longer it would have been before our house would have burned down."

When the electrician, whom the power company called to come and replace the lug arrived, his wife had accompanied him on this dark night and was sitting in his company truck. As the boys gathered around the meter shooting the you know what, I wandered over and started visiting with her. I started complaining about this money pit of a house we'd bought. She shared that she and her husband had bought a home many years ago with many acres of land. It was a "repo" and they'd made a good deal. But the early days brought many problems for them too, the first of which was discovering that someone had come and tore all the copper water piping from under the house to sell as scrap metal. Then the heat system went. One company came out to give them a quote to replace it. Then another company came out to give them a quote and discovered the unit was missing. It had been stolen by the workers of the first company who'd been there to sell it as scrap. Thinking there was a happy ending to this story, I asked the lady if now, after all that time and the home improvements they'd made to their house, she loved her house. She looked at me and said "All I keep thinking is that if we had never moved there that my son would still be alive."

She proceeded to share the whole heart-wrenching story of one Sunday, seven years ago, when police officers came to her door and informed her that her son was dead. Not only was her son dead, but investigation ruled that the incident was a murder-suicide, her son having been responsible for his girlfriend's death as well. I will not go into further detail to protect this family's privacy. But after she was done with the re-telling, she looked at me and said I feel like we're both still sleeping, that I am living a nightmare and you are in my dream.

I think God put me in that lady's path, for the re-telling of her story and sharing her continuing grief with a stranger. I also think he put her in my path to tell me that our problems with our "money pit" are no more than a grain of sand in the whole grand scheme of his plan for us. God sent me a message to place at the very top of our priority list ~ Trust in him each and every day and be thankful for his intervention in keeping us in his care.

Warm winter blessings to you all.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Friends I'm Tagging

Reticent as they might be, I've found 4 friends to tag and hope they'll take the challenge. Stay tuned to ~

With Thy Needle & Thread (Brenda)
Whispering Prims (Kimmie)
Linda Pinda (my Goode-mother-wife-friend)
Mystical Entities (Kelly)

We'll be watching you! Hugs!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tag ~ I'm "IT"

Well, I always thought I was "IT" till I turned 50. As some of you older gals know ~ hairs start popping out on your chin, "skin tags" appear in and around your cleavage, and mysterious looking growths mar that milky complexion. Anyway, I'm stalling. Michele at Holly Tree Primitives "TAGGED" me. What that means is... you are requested to divulge five (5) personal things about yourself for the world wide web to see.

#1. See above ~ I'm not entirely thrilled about being middle-aged.

#2. I almost became a police officer. At the time I was working as an assistant to the Chief of Police in a small New England College City. Having scored at the top of the civil service test for this position, the Chief was really excited about the prospect of having the very first female police officer within the ranks. On the brink of making my decision, I confessed to the Chief that I was really worried about being able to do the job ~ especially in a situation where I would have to break up a bar brawl. He looked at me and said "Honey, all you have to do is put that stick between their legs and walk them out of the bar!" I wasn't convinced and declined the opportunity.

#3. My husband is twenty (yes 20!) years younger than I. Comments upon divulging this particular information ranges from "You Go Girl!" to "Craddle Robber!" We have been married for 9 years now and still have not had an argument. One of my sisters says she can't believe it, and that we are "freaks."

#4. Prior to my current profession as a stay-at-home-doggie-Mom pursuing my creative outlet, I held many jobs, none of which I really loved. Oh, I brought plenty of passion and dedication to these occupations which paid the rent and allowed me to buy-buy-buy whatever my little heart desired. But really doing something every day that you love, well ~ not so much. I started out my working life as a "parlor maid" for a member of the Whitney family. After that, I was a legal secretary for 9 years, then went to the police department. From there I worked for a residential real estate developer, then a commercial major mall developer which allowed me to travel away from home for the first time. Up until 2 years ago I worked in project management for various commercial construction entities. Hubby got a new job that allowed us to put down some "roots", we bought a new house, and I got to stay home! So far I haven't wanted to go back to work in commercial construction, because I'm just so darn tired of having to be mean!

#5. Other talent? I was a "Selectone," along with my twin brother in high school. This was a select group of tenors, altos, soprano (that was me) and bass, which performed at the yearly chorus concerts. We were encouraged to compete at NYSMA (New York State Music Association ~I think is what it was called). I performed "Somewhere My Love," and my twin performed "La Donne Mobile." I think I only got a B+. Watch out American Idol!

So now I have to tag 5 people. I will have to give that some thought, but I'll be back!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've been encouraged to come "back"!

It's been a long, long time since I've posted. The gals in my eBay Group, Kindred Sisters Gathering Post, ("KSGP"), have encouraged me to get back at it. Particularly our resident graphic genius, Sara (formerly The Vintage Rooster), of Graphic Pretties, who created the gorgeous little glittery blinkie "WELCOME" banner you see at the top of my blog!

What have I been up to? As I've already warned you ~ I'm no Erma Bombeck, but I'll attempt to amuse you anyway!

I've joined another eBay Group ~ Olde Primitive Sisters Group. That makes 4 now! Gosh the ladies in all these groups are so incredible. They have daily schedules that would choke a horse, with children, (some being home schooled), husbands, the demands of running a home, and many working a full time job. Their "free time" is spent creating some of the most unique and imaginative, quality, handmade art ~ from primitive dolls, ornaments (we call them "ornies"), bowl fillers, tucks, stitcheries, rug hooking, altered art, and the list goes on! I am truly in awe of these women. In my younger days, I was irritatingly organized ~ everything had it's place and must be found in it's designated place or there would be "H E Double L" to pay! Nowadays, being post-menopausal, my forgetfulness rivals my 81 year old mother's off-and-on bouts of dementia! Just kidding, Bet! (that's my Mom).

Recently I took up a new hobby ~ digital scrapbooking! Like I don't have enough hobbies and art and craft supplies in my overflowing craft room-slash-quilting studio! I haven't been in there for months, except to dig out the Rubbermaid tub of Christmas wrapping paper and bows (and that's not been stashed back into the closet, the contents sitting in festive heaps about the floor.) News Flash! I've been accepted as one of the creative design team members of an on-line digital scrapbooking website. Although I haven't created anything for them yet, I'm looking forward to it! They have a Yahoo website where everyone congregates and shares digital scrapbooking elements to create layouts and post them. Here's one I did to preserve the Christmas 2007 Season ~

Hope to see many of my cohorts here! Thanks for motivating me to share!

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