Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free "Buy Handmade" Banner

I was on the computer yesterday looking for scrabble tile Alpha graphics. When I couldn't find any with terms of use that I could actually understand, I decided to scan my own from my 1953 vintage scrabble game. These are going to be a lot of fun to use in digital scrapbooking and other graphic projects!

So far, I have a free "Buy Handmade" banner for you. It's in jpg format, so just click on the image to bring it up in the larger screen, click on and save to your computer. I'm going to add it to my eBay auction listings!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Yard Work

Earlier this week hubby and I spent a whole day doing yard work. Although he's had a couple nibbles and promises of being emailed 2 job offers, nothing solid has hit yet. So he's been home with me for the past 4 weeks. Now some of you women reading this are probably raising your eyebrows and thinking "OMG", I couldn't have my husband under my feet for that long, he'd drive me crazy! But I was actually telling 'love of my life' last night that I wish we were independently wealthy so that we could spend all our time together. Really!

Anyway, we were both so sore and tired at the end of the day sitting on the back deck surveying our hard work! He turns to me and says "Doesn't even look like we did anything does it?!" Ain't that the truth! Living in the South, we've got that rock hard red clay for soil. Doesn't even qualify as dirt as far as I'm concerned! Whatever we've dug out, I've had hubby dump in a low spot along the back property line. What prompted this marathon work day, cutting dead trees, and rounding up downed tree limbs, leaves and pesky "picky balls" from the gum trees? Well our neighbor who owns the property behind us is finally putting up a fence. I knew if we waited it out we wouldn't have to fork out the money for fencing! Praise the Lord too ~ the timing couldn't be better with unemployment in South Carolina only $320 per week. We have wanted a fence up for so long! Our dogs love to wander back there and visit with the neighbors and their dogs, and screaming at them "STAY IN YOUR YARD" just isn't working.

I hope to post some "after" pictures later this summer when things are blooming and we've got our vegetable garden in, but here's a look at our 'blank canvas' we're working with...

I want to move some peonies here, but hubby and I are in gridlock over putting tomato plants and other vegetables here or the peonies. I prefer the peonies and maybe some more roses!

It has rained here for the past 4 days in a row, and more rain is predicted over the weekend, but our next chore is to get the back deck and deck furniture pressure washed so that we can enjoy our evening cocktails and supper out there!

Til next time, hope you are enjoying your Spring, including the yard work!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back when I had red hair...OR "Siblings"

A couple of days ago I decided to scan an older panoramic photo taken of me and my brothers and sisters. It was a rare occasion when we were all together at one time. Rare, because like most families, we all live in different parts of the country. We all came together that year to visit my parents in Atlanta for Easter. I keep the photo in a frame above my computer on the shelf, and every time I look at it, the silly expressions on us in that photo makes me smile.

Anyway, I scanned it and emailed it to my siblings with a note like "Look at us in 2004!" Responses came back from several of my brothers and sisters over the next couple of days, one telling me my math was way off, that the year was 1997. Holy cow, how time flies! LOL! One of my brothers responded "how 'bout that 'stache"? (He'd shaved it off years ago). The other brother had to torment my baby sister and comment on how, although two of the sisters had lost a lot of weight, "the baby" had since put a lot on, and I looked the same. Which prompted a response back from "the baby" that she actually had lost weight since then and maybe he'd found it and was hiding it somewhere. And although my hair is no longer red, I think I'm the one that had found the lost weight and it wasn't hiding anywhere! Ahhh, sibling rivalry, huh? The subject matter of my email, "Back When I Had Red Hair", innocently forwarding a photo I assumed no one else had, suddenly had taken on a life of its own! I talked to my Dad on the phone today ~ I had also copied him on the email, and he was receiving the responses from his children, was laughing and accusing me of "stirring things up."

I am so thankful to have such a close family. Although we tease each other a little meanly sometimes, we would walk through fire for each other. My sisters are my best friends. When I hear stories of how some families have a falling out and don't speak to each other for years, it really saddens me. Life's too short! I can attest to that with my memory failure of how many years have passed since me and my siblings were together...seems like yesterday.

Peg's "the baby" and there are 10 years between us (I'm the oldest, along with my twin Lari). Joe's the next youngest, then there's one year between Lari & I and Patty, and two years between us to Claire. Yes! My poor mother had her hands full when we were babies!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Frou Frou

The phrase "frou ~ frou" has been in my head for about a week now. I think it best describes many things I absolutely adore! Webster defines it as "A rustling sound, as of silk fabric; Frilly; heavily ornamental; fancy; overly elaborate, particularly as regards clothing." In the craft room this week, frou frou took over and possessed me...well, maybe not overly elaborate, but more than just a touch! LOL! I'm planning on listing these, and hopefully some more handcrafted Easter goodies this Sunday on eBay.

Little patchwork Easter bunny (from my own hand drawn pattern)...

And these cute wooden, painted, distressed, and embellished Easter candy containers

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obsessed with Vintage Pug Dog Images!

I can't explain "why" ~ but of late I've been obsessed with vintage pug dog images! These little doggies are so adorable. This week I've created a few handmade items with vintage images of this particular breed. Here's a peek preview, but they they are listed on eBay now, along with some vintage Easter postcard pillow tucks, and vintage chenille Easter eggs embellished with pink, blue and green German glass glitter. Just go to the column to your right, find "On eBay Now", and you will be redirected to my listings.

Thanks for popping in!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, it finally happened. DH has joined the ever increasing ranks of the unemployed. We knew there was a strong likelihood of it, his company, like so many other these days, are struggling to stay afloat. However, we had hoped that this economic crisis we are all in would start to turn around. We had hoped that we could just hang in there...

Actually, hubby, although worried about the future, was a bit relieved when he received the news. The whole uncertainty of whether or not he was going to have a job as things got worse and worse was putting him under a tremendous amount of stress. His blood pressure was elevated, and he's had trouble sleeping.

I am tending to believe, like my brother does, that it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. I'm sure anyone reading this has family members, neighbors, or acquaintances who have recently joined the ranks of the unemployed. My sister has been unemployed for over a year, and actually had to go back to school to pursue a career change, (she was in the banking industry and was laid off during a reorganization). Praise the Lord she was offered a job in her new field this past week!

All we can do is put our trust in the Lord and believe that everything is going to work out for the best. My heart goes out to so many others who are finding themselves in this position.

'Til next time,


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