Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Sister's New Punch Needle Pieces

My baby sister is traveling this week so she only had time to make up a few new pieces, but they are fabulous!

The little snowman hanger/pinkeep was so popular last year and a few lucky people got "second chance offers." I think I was supposed to have one of these made up for me, but sissy forgot!

You can see her eBay auctions for these pieces here:


So there's your punch needle eye candy Kimmie!

Travelin' sissy left her 'Ole Virginey home on Saturday. My Atlanta sister and sister-in-law ("SIL") drove up to meet her, and they were on their way to New York State. While up there also they hooked up with my New York sister. SIL's father is now in a nursing home, and they were all going together to clean out the house prior to sale. The main objective was for SIL was to get her mother's things ~ she lost her Mom to Alzheimer's this past Christmas.

I always tell my mother she is NOT ALLOWED to die on important holidays like Christmas, nor in the Spring because I know how much she loves and looks forward to Spring. She tells me, after 55 years, that she may not remember the exact date, but will always remember her father died in the Fall because of her association with the fact that her father was always cold. And she remembers her deep sadness that they were going to put him in the "cold, cold ground." We were talking about SIL's mother's wake and how the funeral home had "prepared her" for viewing. SIL says when she first saw her mother she had lipstick on ~ a woman who had never worn lipstick ~ and she said she felt like wiping it off. It's strange sometimes how the human mind deals with death of a loved one.

My family has been talking about death a lot this week. My father lost his younger sister last week pretty suddenly, without warning of an illness. There were four sisters, each more fun-loving and vivacious than the next. In later life they would take many "sister" trips together, with and without their husbands. The funeral was not so much of a sad event, but more of a celebration of her life and her final trip to be with our eternal Father in heaven.

In Sweet Memory 1932 - 2008


From the cell phone reports I've been getting, my sisters' and SIL's trip this week has been great fun! No road trip mishaps, except for getting turned around a bit in Washington, DC. They got to meet up with friends and relatives, and visit SIL's Dad in the nursing home (bringing him pizza and Chinese food!) SIL got her Mom's hope chest and fine china, one of my sisters scored a gorgeous Fenton glass cake pedestal, and another an old glass doorknob from stuff SIL didn't want. They also got paintings, vintage cross country skis, thread spools and other booty, but had to leave behind an old wardrobe and bed from the 30's because they didn't have room. I wish I could have tagged along, but with our hot water heater bursting in the laundry room, I've been plenty busy trying to get everything put back together! Baby sis did say she got some old watch parts for me for altered art.

As for me and my boring life ~ I've been working my little fingers to the bone making up new Primitive Vintage Halloween eBay auction templates. You can see them here:


I'm having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free template sale! Plus Free Shipping on your template CD! You can also see my other templates by clicking on the link to my website at the top left hand corner of this page. And you can always do an "Advanced Search" on eBay by selecting search "By Seller", then clicking on the box "completed listings" for other templates recently designed but not relisted on eBay. Geesh, the listing fees are killin' me!

Till next time,


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Kimmie said...

Oh Mary, I am so sorry about your aunt. Hugs my sweet friend. Sadness seems to be unending.

Your sissy's punchneedle offerings are lovely. She is so good at it. They make me smile.

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