Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just Listed on Old Primitive Sisters Marketplace

I forgot to post a preview of the little vintage thread spool Betsy Ross flags I listed on the Old Primitive Sisters Marketplace a few days ago! Here they are:

They were a ton of fun to make, but pretty time consuming ~ printing the images on "Printed Treasures" fabric sheets and cutting them out, waiting for the glue to dry and then distressing them with primitive stain and walnut ink to get the right aged look I wanted, and then totally sealing them. The paper labels on the thread spool were pretty brittle, so I wanted to make sure they were sealed well to preserve them. And my primitive stain had cloves and orange peel in it. When I realized it might not stay attached, I decided to give everything another sealing. I finally ended up spraying them with "Granny's Kitchen," a wonderful primitive spray that smells YUMMY!

You can see them here:

Sew Dear To Me Booth at Old Primitive Sisters Online Marketplace

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Kimmie said...

Oh Hot Diggity Dog!

Mary...these are adorable! You are so talented I am turning green! ;-) Very Nice Work!

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