Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is it Halloween yet?

Folks are going all out with their Halloween decor; some seasonal decor displays rival Christmas! And vintage Halloween collectibles are getting harder and harder to come by. When my sisters and I go hunting at the Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta this weekend, that's what I'm going to look for!

I noticed a lot of Halloween themed primitive dolls are being offered on eBay right now (and some Christmas as well), for collectors who like to get their holiday shopping out of the way early I guess! I found the cutest vintage spider web image to use for a Halloween auction template, and played around with getting a witch's hat on a victorian child cabinet photo. I'll be listing this template in my store when I return from Atlanta early next week.

( expired).

Wish me luck on the racetrack in Hotlanta! Whew! The driving there is not for the faint of heart!


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Kimmie said...

Hi My Dear Mary!

Oh you won my heart with this template. I have my order in!

I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip to Atlanta. I know all about the traffic there! Ick! Feels like you are in the Daytona 500!

Wish your Mother a Happy Mother's Day for me!

See you when you get back!

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