Friday, February 27, 2009


Such a somber topic for today, but ~ part of life. My 80 something year old parents think about it every day ~ it's a real part of life for them as they prepare themselves to meet the Maker. Us "young-uns" don't think about it much, unless it personally touches our lives. This week it has touched mine twice. First, we have a couple who are dear friends. She finally, after watching his long battle, lost her father this past week. He had been sick for a couple of years, steadily declining. To make matters worse, the family had to struggle with the heart-wrenching decision of taking him off of life support. Our dear friends also struggled with how to tell their young daughter about her grandfather's death, worrying about how she would deal with it. Then a friend in one of my groups reported the death of a military family member serving in Iraq. He was very young and those left behind included a new bride.

When my Dad's sister died last year, he traveled far to bid her farewell. He told me, even though her death was sudden and unexpected (she hadn't been ill), that the funeral services were comforting, their being handled in a positive, celebratory manner.

So in honor of loved ones passing, I came here to my blog to post some uplifting music about when we our are loved ones are called to be with God. I couldn't find the Wynonna version of "I Can Only Imagine" to add to my Playlist, but I found the video on You Tube. Don't forget to turn off the Playlist before you view the video.

I hope it soothes your soul as it does mine.


Monday, February 23, 2009

New Punch Needle Listings on eBay by my sisters!

My two sisters are on a roll! Virginia Sis has several new punch needle embroidery pieces listed ~ Here's a preview of just a few!

You can check out all her listings here:


And my Atlanta sister, trying to hold down a part time job AND an externship for medical billing, has found time to create and list a couple really wonderful Spring/Easter punch needle pieces this week...

You can take a closer peek at all the little details here:


Owning numerous punch needle creations graciously gifted to me by both of my sisters, I can assure you that they do impeccable, gorgeous work! I am so lucky to have such talented, generous sisters.

'Til next time,


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Announcing my NEW graphic design Blog!

Earlier this week I made a big decision to separate my primitive & folk art handmades venture from my graphic design one. So I created a new eBay user ID ~ "adele*lark*vintagedesign." For once my eBay ME page matches my blog! And I got the sweetest message today from one of the loveliest eBay template designers, Bev, from In My Cedar Chest, complimenting me on my work. We emailed back and forth a bit, and she is such a sweetie!

Please stop in and visit the new blog! I'll be sharing resources...


'Til next time,


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