Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sissy's New Punch Needle on eBay

After having missed a week of listing her punch needle embroidery pieces, sissy worked like a dog getting 7 new pieces ready for eBay this week! There's a really unique piece she designed, mounted on a chippy, antique keyhole metal plate that she picked up at the Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta. For those of you who received your stimulus check and are thinking about doing a little early holiday shopping, there are 2 Halloween and a Christmas piece you will not want to miss. I love the look of the embroideries mounted on the "horn books," and she has 2 of these this week! ( expired).

You can view her auctions here:


And I'm back on eBay, listing new auction template designs. I finally bit the bullet and decided having to send a CD with the documents on it to purchasers because of the Ebay ban on digital items is not really such a big deal. It's just one more step...

I had such a blast creating the seashells and sand backgrounds for this one:

Till next time,


Friday, May 16, 2008

2 New Auction Templates

This week I did carve out some time to design two new auction templates. I was really pleased with how they turned out! The penny rug design's logo features a colonial looking portrait of the cutest little boy ~ Thanks, Xoch for sharing it with me!

Click on the images to see the whole design...

The other has more of an altered art-collage-mixed media feel to me. I'm on big "blue" kick if you haven't noticed!

If you're interested in purchasing any of my auction templates, just click on my "Sew Dear To Me Graphics Design" Logo at the upper left hand corner of my blog page to go to my web site. Thanks for taking a look!


One of a Kind!

Today I was foolin' around with my music playlist and rediscovered one of my favorite female artists ~ Bette Midler. I really should have added "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." It's such a fun song and I think would show tremendous support for our troops!

Bette Midler IS truly one of a kind, isn't she? Fearless, whacky, and extremely talented, she's one of those performers who has re-invented herself many times.

So bookmark my blog, put the kiddies to bed, grab your honey and ask ~ "Do Ya Wanna Dance"?!!! After that one's over, snuggle closer with Garth Brooks' "To Make You Feel My Love," another one of my all-time favorites!



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thankful For Mother

I'm just back from a visit "home" ~ Atlanta, where my Mom and Dad now live, as well as 2 brothers and a sister and their families. I am so thankful to still have a mother to spoil on Mother's Day. We went shopping for her and bought her some new shorts and tops ~ she's lost so much weight over the past year that nothing fits her anymore. I also bought her some roses and a goofy tweety bird helium balloon that said "You're such a Tweetheart"! She really enjoyed everyone fussing over her on Sunday!

My mother is still a beautiful woman at 81 ~ she has the kind of skin that has blessed her with few wrinkles. And when she smiles at you, she lights up your heart. I love this high school graduation photo of her...

...and several years later, when being courted by my father, I love this one as well!

When my sisters now joke with me ~ "You sound like Bet," ~ we call her "Bet" a lot of the time ~ I take it as a compliment!

Late with everything, I still want to wish all the wonderful mothers out there a happy Mother's Day! I hope you enjoyed your special day.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is it Halloween yet?

Folks are going all out with their Halloween decor; some seasonal decor displays rival Christmas! And vintage Halloween collectibles are getting harder and harder to come by. When my sisters and I go hunting at the Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta this weekend, that's what I'm going to look for!

I noticed a lot of Halloween themed primitive dolls are being offered on eBay right now (and some Christmas as well), for collectors who like to get their holiday shopping out of the way early I guess! I found the cutest vintage spider web image to use for a Halloween auction template, and played around with getting a witch's hat on a victorian child cabinet photo. I'll be listing this template in my store when I return from Atlanta early next week.

( expired).

Wish me luck on the racetrack in Hotlanta! Whew! The driving there is not for the faint of heart!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just Listed on Old Primitive Sisters Marketplace

I forgot to post a preview of the little vintage thread spool Betsy Ross flags I listed on the Old Primitive Sisters Marketplace a few days ago! Here they are:

They were a ton of fun to make, but pretty time consuming ~ printing the images on "Printed Treasures" fabric sheets and cutting them out, waiting for the glue to dry and then distressing them with primitive stain and walnut ink to get the right aged look I wanted, and then totally sealing them. The paper labels on the thread spool were pretty brittle, so I wanted to make sure they were sealed well to preserve them. And my primitive stain had cloves and orange peel in it. When I realized it might not stay attached, I decided to give everything another sealing. I finally ended up spraying them with "Granny's Kitchen," a wonderful primitive spray that smells YUMMY!

You can see them here:

Sew Dear To Me Booth at Old Primitive Sisters Online Marketplace

Beautiful & Simple *New* Art Deco Scrolls Auction Template

Playing around again today before I go visit my family in HOTLANTA! I've just listed this new auction template ~ a simple but beautiful Art Deco style scrolls...Just click on the image to view the entire template!

It's listed currently on my new website, here:

Sew Dear To Me Graphic Design

Friday, May 2, 2008

New "Cheshire Cat" Auction Template

I was visiting one of my friend's blogs this morning (Kelly of Mystical Entities), and saw a new primitive doll she had made ~ a cheshire cat! I was immediately inspired to create an auction template featuring the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. I figured so many of the primitive doll artists are creating not only cat dolls, but dolls inspired by various children's story books.

Not yet uploaded to my new website, here's a sneak peek!

I'm done designing for today ~ it's off to get some errands run.

Till next time,


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