Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who Knew? American Idol!

On American Idol last night, David Cook has proven he can sing ANYTHING! Music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber was the theme for the evening, and David did a beautiful job on this piece from Phantom of the Opera (one of my favorites!). Beyond the many gritty, rocker performances, this guy actually has a great voice! Not a big fan of rock ~ I like to actually hear the words ~ this guy blew me away last night. I do hope he wins it all!

And then, poor Brooke, one of my personal favorites, had a pretty damaging evening, forgetting the lyrics at the beginning of the song. I chose to share the longer video with you because of Andrew Lloyd Webber's comments about Brooke at the beginning. So sad, because he is right about her talent. She just had a bad night. I hope America will give her another chance and she doesn't get sent home tonight.

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Kimmie said...

Hi Mary!

Oh I loved both of these singers the best! I think David Cook is going to be a star no matter if he wins Idol or not. And Brooke...she has a very special gift. Her singing is lovely. I got the chills when she sang this song. I have been going around singing it since Tuesday! Tee Hee. It is just such a beautifully written song...the words give you goosebumps, especially after ALW explained the meaning of the song. Powerful Stuff!
Thanks for sharing with us!

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