Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Punch Needle from my Sissie

My Virginia sister is still at it, undeterred by all the maddening eBay changes ("Best Match", yeah right!). She's getting very creative at showcasing her very well executed embroidery pieces ~ This week she's got a flicker candle mounted into a wooden base with the punch needle mounted to the front of it ~ very cool. Another piece is actually rug hooking (or I guess you'd call it punching because of the punch tool she used). She mounted that into the bottom of an old graniteware colander. Would look soooo cute in my laundry room! She also has a sheep punch needle piece mounted onto a tote bag, and I didn't feature it here, but she's also done a necklace piece. Wouldn't that make a great fashion statement if you wore it to a craft show? You'll have to check it out here:


So without further ado, here's a peek:

(Sorry...Link expired).

Need to run now, DH is home from work ~ gotta pay him some attention. I'll leave you with a little taste of our Spring today ...

Till next time,



Kimmie said...

Hi Mary!
Your photos never cease to warm my heart. I love them both, especially the dogwood. Reminds me of the Spring when I lived down there. I rememeber standing under one that was in a row of many, it gave the feeling like I was under a white veil of lace with a touch of pink here and there. It was a beautiful moment that I have never forgotten.

Thanks for all the heartfelt things that you give us all to look at and read. I love to come here, it gives me such comfort.

Kimmie said...

Oh goodness, where are my manners?

I LOVEEEE all your sissy's punchneedle handmades. She is an awesome artist. :-)
Hugs Ya',

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