Monday, April 7, 2008

Magpie's Newest Creations....

As some of you may know, my baby sister, "Magpie1217", sells her beautiful punch needle embroidery creations on eBay.

This week she had company visiting ~ our Sister and Sister-in-Law from Atlanta flew in for a 5-day visit, and they did a little creative collaborating! The weather was rainy and dreary, so they only got out to Olde Town in downtown Petersburg once, where baby sister haggled with one of the shop owners for a gorgeous Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. When he started his blah-blah-blah about how many stitches per inch had been hand quilted, and he didn't even know how to count them, sissy started getting aggravated. When she commented that the quilt didn't have any border (playing dumb), and told him she didn't know if she could find someone to add one, other sissy piped up "Oh, you know how to do that!" We were laughing on the phone last night over that one ~ I'm not a very good bargainer-haggler, but know enough to play along!

SIL managed to snag a quilt top (Faded Memories by Moda) from baby sister that hadn't sold on eBay, and found it the perfect size to turn into a shower curtain. Commandeering some 90" wide muslin for the backing, she managed to whip up that baby while she was there visiting! Sounds like her buttonholes turned out much better than mine!

Wish I could have been there, sisters!

So here's this week's featured items...

...You can see more details about them here:


I've been working on some Artist Trading Cards. It's very frustrating to have 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" worth of space to create a mixed media or altered art collaged piece of artwork! After finishing the first one, I'm not really sure I want to make more, but I have 24 chipboard bases, and tons and tons of supplies to work with, so we shall see. Maybe if someone came and visited me, I could be inspired! LOL!

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