Friday, March 7, 2008

"What If" Blogger Tag

You better watch out! There's a new blogger tag going around ~ "What If." My good friend Kimmie, Olde Lavender Prims, tagged me on this one yesterday. Geez, now I have to get all deep and serious. But, gotta be a good blogger sport, so here are my thoughts...

What if I could meet someone in the art world to chat with....

Considering my love of gardening, and with Spring finally here, the first artist that comes to mind is Monet. I would love to sit with him in his gardens at Giverny and actually be very quiet, drink in the beauty of sunwashed gardens all around me, and watch him paint.

What if I could have one wish granted for the benefit of all mankind....

At the risk of sounding like a beauty pageant contestant, yes, world peace would be at the very top of the list. Can I have a second choice? Yes, I can ~ it's my blog! LOL! I would cure all disease. Imagine no world with AIDS, and other debilitating or killer diseases that so tragically strike and take our loved ones from us ~ cancer, diabetes, alzheimer's, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis...

Where would I go if I could travel anywhere in the world....

My family's paternal geneology has been researched and traced back by my brother to France. I think it would be such fun to visit the areas where my ancestors lived, and while I was in Europe, I'd do a grand tour, visiting Ireland (my mother has Irish ancestry), the English countryside, and Scotland to stay in a castle!

What if I could make over three areas of my body...

Only three? Doesn't work for me! Now if I could have a month-long spa stay to whip me back into shape, that should do it. And if they could do a little facial surgery to get rid of my double chin, I'd be in heaven! Laser surgery on my eyes to get rid of bi-focal glasses would be the nuts, but eye surgery is still a pretty scary concept to me.

What if I could become an animal for 24 hours...

Now this is a tough one. An amimal? You wouldn't be able to speak to communicate, and I just don't think I could make that kind of transition! But if ya made me do it? I guess a porpoise because they seem like such happy creatures.

What if I could bring someone back to life for 24 hours...

My Memere (that's French for grandmother). I would have loved to be able to spend time with her as an adult, when she was in her prime. When we were little children, she was always sewing us doll clothes for our Barbie dolls, and one year for Christmas she actually made wedding dresses for our Barbies. She played kids games with us like "Hands Down" (remember that?). She was characterized in our family by a familiar bible verse ~ "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God" (Matthew 5:9). Memere was a very unselfish, sweet, happy, kind and loving person. Living through the Great Depression, she had a hard, modest life, but never complained. She was an awesome artist, painting lush, beautiful floral still life style works of art. I would like to spend time with her sewing and watching her paint. And I would hug her and tell her I wished I could be more like her.

I'm tagging ~ Kelly of Mystical Entities ~ You're next!

Yesterday was a busy blogging day! Not only was I tagged, I was the recipient of two blogger awards:

From my friend Kimmie of Olde Lavender Prims

I'm passing the "My Blog Rocks" award to an awesome artist I have come across ~ Nancy Malay


this award, received from my KSGP sista, Kelly~Mystical Entities...

I'm passing on to Sandra Evertson

I hope you'll pass the awards on to other well deserved bloggers! It's a great way to connect in this big wide cyber world!



Kelly said...

Hmmm Ut-Oh...LOL. I will be sure to play along. Let me sit and ponder. These are toughies ;)

Kimmie said...

Bravo! Bravo! Great wonderful inspiring answers! I love the one about your memmre. That was very touching. Thank You for playing along, I thought is was a nice one to get going. It was passed to me from my friend Jennifer of dust bunny hostage.

Love the way your Geeeetarrr looks. You made it so dainty looking! LOL! You crack me up! Mine is plastered across my blog!

Hey Kelly ME!!! How are you sweetie?

Big Hugs,

Kimmie said...
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Kimmie said...

Sorry Mary, my comment showed up twice so I just garbage canned the second one. Wonder why it did that? hmmmm....??? Weird. Must be Blog Gremlins!


Nancy Lee Malay said...

Oh, Mary, how nice of you to give me the "My Blog Rocks" award!! I'll be sure to add your blog to my links, and I'll be back to visit often!

Thanks you so much!!!


Sandra Evertson said...

Thank You!
Such a Sweetie!
I really love the thoughts on your Grandmother, I think I would pick that too!
Sandra Evertson

Kelly said...

Ok Mary I made sure I played ;)

Hi Kimmie!!

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