Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekly Punch Needle Embroidery Feature

It's time again to plug my talented sister who sells her punch needle embroidery pieces on eBay. These auctions started yesterday ~ She was too excited about how well they turned out and couldn't wait to list them! This week there are several Americana themed pieces, and as usual, the designer of choice is Brenda Gervais of Country Stitches (With Thy Needle & Thread). Her designs have such a wonderfully whimsical folk art feeling!

You can see my sister's listings here:


Here's a quick preview...

I'm in the process of making hubby a new shower curtain for our newly remodeled bath. I'm doing a quilt block design for it, using a "Turning Twenty" pattern. First I had to clean up my craft room/quilt studio which was an absolute disaster. I haven't even been in there since before Christmas. But it's all tidied up now (I actually had to use the shop vac to swamp it out!), and I'm heading in there shortly while DH watches NASCAR (Junior's ahead for now ~ Yay!).

Till next time, wishing you a well-designed day!


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Kimmie said...

Hey Mary!
These new needlepunch offerings are wonderful! Your sister is a master at it. Love the Americana ones, the colors are so prim. I wish her lots of bids!

Hope you list a pic of the Shower Curtain you are making for hubby! I would love to see it. :-)

Greg and I went to a train show this morning. It was a fun time. was bored, but I did get one of those little rabbit fur kitties that look real. She is curled in a ball sleeping...and she meows when you press a button on the bottom also. My litte Boo dosn't know what to make of her.

Have a lovely night..see you in the group!

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