Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Sister's Punch Needle ~ Week of 3/04/08

Well, she's still at it ~ This week's eBay punch needle offerings are to die for!!! I'm still hoping she will send me an Easter bunny for my collection (dropping another hint here sissy). Dontcha just love the little girl bunny!!!?

She's also relisted a few more primitive style pieces designed by "My Father's House."

You can see it all here:


What have I been working on? Frankly, not much. Ever since getting hit by the flu bug, my energy level is so low. The good news is that evidence of Spring is finally starting to reveal itself! Yesterday it rained buckets and cats and dogs, and even hailed for a short bit. Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed the double rainbow that appeared in the storm's aftermath! Today the skies are a crisp blue. I may wander out in a bit and snap some photos of my daffodils and crocus, to especially cheer those of you who are in a part of the country where Spring is still a mere longing!


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