Monday, March 17, 2008

Week of March 17th Feature

Many thanks to all of you who tune in weekly to view my sister's new punch needle embroidery work! I think she is just THE BEST, with great attention to detail in her finished pieces. It's the little extra steps she takes that make her pieces so beautiful...For one, she is a 'very close' puncher, and is very picky that none of the weaver's cloth background shows in her pieces. This week she has some new designs ~ the 'WELCOME' one being her own design. I think as she gains even more confidence in her own designs, you will find her offering more of them! You will still find many pieces by a designer who is our very favorite ~ Brenda Gervais of Country Stitches.

You can find her wares here:


Not much to report on my homefront, other than we're still working on renovating the Sunroom. It has it's final coat of robin's egg blue paint, but I still have to paint the ceiling, another piece of shoe mold, the crown molding, and touch up the trim at the windows and baseboards. Hopefully we can move the furniture back in this week, and I can start on sewing some window treatments. Just have to find the right fabric first! I do have one option, but I think it's too girly~bedroomy looking, and we must be considerate of hubby's tastes since he lives here too!

Till next time ~ wishing you a well-designed day!


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Kelly said...

Mary I just love your sisters punch needles! Beautiful work. I can`t wait to see pictures of your sun room ;)

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