Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Punch Needle from my Sister!

Here are my sister's punch needle creations for the week that she is currently listing on eBay. She is doing so well! I love how she has started a new line of bird make-do's with the face of it all done in punch needle embroidery ~ this week is a Chickadee ~ perfect for a touch of Spring!

You can find her wares here:


I'm going to work out in the garden today. There is much tidying up to do before placing the all important mulch! It gets so hot here in the South over the summer ~ one can never have enough...mulch. Thought I was doing to say diamonds, huh? Well, I've never been one for diamonds ~ I'm more of a "pearls" person. My roses did pretty darn good last summer. The key is feeding them, keeping them pruned properly, giving them lots of water, and treating them at the first sign of "black spot." There is an antique gardening book I have on growing roses which advises you "that there must be no relaxation of effort." Too true!

Gotta go, daylight's burning!


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Kimmie said...

Hi Mary!

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...How Does Your Garden Grow?

Oh I wanna see pictures of your roses in bloom this summer! You will take some and post won't you? Please...for me? I live vicariously through you when it comes to all the flowers and stuff! Well until ours start to bloom, but that won't be for another few weeks or so. All that has bloomed by your house hasn't even woke up yet up here in New York. There is still snow covering the ground. Sigh. My hubby loves the pic of your flowers you posted. I printed it out and put it on the fridge! ;-)

I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Roses, especially Purple ones. They are so darn pretty. Can't wait to see how your garden looks full bloom.


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