Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Day at the (Private) Beach

DH took the afternoon off from work yesterday to get a little boating in ~ With a boat slip right at the condo, it's convenient for him to get out fishing and exploring the many crooks and crannies of the inner coastal waterways. I'm glad I wasn't with him the day he got caught up in the oyster beds with the tide going out!

It was a gorgeous, hazy, Friday afternoon, the temperature perfect when catching that brisk ocean wind. The tide was going out, and the current was not too strong this day, making for a pleasurable outing.

We moored the boat at the very end of Kiawah Island, past the "bird sanctuary island" which you are not allowed on, the dogs took a swim...

..and we found a huge orange buoy which appeared to have come in on the tide from the big water!

We headed back to the condo to finish our cooler of Coronas on the screened-in porch. When we reached the dock and DH was spraying the saltwater off the boat, disaster struck! Sophie had jumped (or fallen ~ we can't decide which since it happened so fast), off the end of the dock, 15 feet below into the water. Although I immediately panicked, DH kept his head, calmly instructing me to lower the boat lift back down to the water while he wrapped the water hose around the steel beam. When he was about 8 feet above the water, he held onto the hose and jumped in, quickly rescuing poor Sophie!

And so, all's well that ends well! We shall have some wonderful memories of this day of pure bliss!

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