Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Seashore" Vintage sea life images ATC's/ACEO's on eBay

(Click here to view on eBay)

Hey! Okay, I've finished up my paper playing with a series of vintage sea life ATC's. My inspiration for these came while cleaning out some Yankee Candle jars, in which I wanted to store beach mementos. We've collected sand, sea shells, drift wood, and stones from places we've visited as a couple over the past 10 years. Yeah, I've been accused of being overly sentimental!

Anyway, I finally got to the point of taking photos to list the ATC's on eBay and wanted to show an example of how cute these would look in a "beach" memories jar, using my Yankee Candle jar(s) that I had embellished and filled. You can click on the image above to get a larger view and see the Yankee Candle Jar of my "Beach Memories.")

So, I'm taking photos out on the front porch, which has a tiled floor. I guess I was in such a hurry to get the photo shoot done and get on with the eBay listings...I ended up breaking two of the glass jars before all was said and done. Cleaning up tiny shards of glass everywhere...having to throw away my lovely fine, white sand. Boy was I ever mad at myself! In retrospect, I think only the left (or is it right?) side of my brain was working because I kept picking the jars up by the top stopper, not wanting to get my fingerprints on the jar for the photo shoot. What a dummy!

Next, I must move on to "Harvest" creations for the July 15th themed update of Kindred Sisters Gathering Post Online Shoppe. Stay tuned for previews!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Mary that is so :( hHre you were trying so hard to be so careful and that had to happen. I'm sorry...but I do love what you did with the old candle jar...adding the photos and all the other wonderful goodies, that is awesome :)

Anonymous said...

There I go again not reading...hope you understood my mumbo jumbo. I meant to say Here you were trying so hard to be

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