Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary

Our 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of this month! It is unbelievable where the time went. I can remember when we announced our engagement, members of my family thought I had gone stark raving mad. You see, hubby is 20 years my junior. Am I a "cougar"? Well, at the time, they didn't have that word, and pairings of 40 something men and 20 something women were not at all uncommon. But vice versa? Not so much. LOL! But we sure have "made it."

As newlyweds, my sweetie would ask what I would want for our 10 year anniversary. Visions of a diamond tennis bracelet or a diamond "forever" necklace danced in my head. Nowadays, I'm just glad to still have a roof over my head. I love my sweetie more than I could have ever imagined, although on our wedding day, saying the vows through sobs and tears of happiness, I was never more emotional.

We were living in Charleston, SC at the time. One day not long after we had become engaged, while tooling around The Battery, a street artist drew this caricature of us. I've kept this for 11 years, meaning to scan it and hang it in our home. Well today I did scan and printed it to do just that! Isn't it a hoot!!?

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