Wednesday, July 15, 2009

KSGP "FALL-O-WEEN" Shoppe Update!

My booth at the KSGP Shoppe has been updated as of today with new items! Won't you stop in for a peek at my ghoulish ghostly creations! I think Fall and Halloween is my favorite time of the year to decorate mainly because it's my Mother's favorite and I have such fond memories of her dressing up as a witch at Halloween and trying to scare all the little kids!... (and laugh about it like the dickens). She's always been such a tease!

To check out "Liddy Nin Root" and my other new items in the KSGP Shoppe, click on the link below:

(Click here to view at KSGP Online Shoppe!)

And don't forget to check out my KSGP Sister's booths as well! We're always stocked with marvelous one-of-a-kind creations, all at very reasonable prices.

How's everyone enjoying their summer? It's been muggy, hot and humid here as usual in the South. There are days I do miss the crisp, fresh early morning and evening air of Upstate New York. But then again, I never miss the snow!

'Til next time,


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