Sunday, January 18, 2009

Featuring....My Sister!

My Virginia sister is still busily punching away at more punch needle embroidery pieces ~ pinkeeps, lovely designs mounted on wood boxes and a vintage matchstick box, a gameboard box, and some pretty and unique Easter eggs. She also scrapped some really neat Valentine/Greeting cards this week with strips of scrapbooking papers that she sewed to the front of the card with zig-zag and straight stitching. You can't see the detail very well, but they turned out very nice! So how's this for punch needle eye candy!

You can view these all in further detail on eBay; just click on the link below:


She does wonderfully detailed work. She punches very "tightly," making sure there is no white weaver's cloth showing through her designs. Her work is really high quality!

AND then she has this going up on eBay Monday night ~ I just love how these prim Valentine heart bowl ornies turned out!

Stay tuned ~ my Atlanta sister will have some special Valentine punch needle pieces coming up a little later in the week that I will share with you.

'Til next time,



Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Mary her work is gorgeous! I love those eggs :)


Sara~Graphic Pretties said...


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