Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

A nice long weekend coming up! Yay! We don't have any special plans, just a little R&R at home. DH works such long hours during the week that when the weekend rolls around, he doesn't want to do ANYTHING! Poor baby. It makes it hard for me, not working, and being home alone all week. With the price of gas, I try to plan my weekly outing for groceries and other errands for one day, planning out my route in the most efficient number of miles.

Back in the craft room this week, I'm working on some Halloween launch items for our American Folkart and Primitives Mercantile "Broomsticks and Black Hats" Launch! I had a ball designing our auction template!

The launch starts on July 7th, and we're all so excited to introduce ourselves to the eBay scene! Just type "AFAPM" in your eBay search menu to see what we come up with.

I've been busy this week with a couple of new customers, a brother team selling on eBay. They were wanting some custom designed auction templates, and although designing for the type of goods they sell is a little out of my primitives and folk art design comfort zone, I was able to deliver what they wanted. The whole key was the excellent communication I had with them. They were really nice folks to deal with, and they knew exactly what they wanted. Soooo much easier than getting out my crystal ball! LOL! I am really looking forward to doing additional business with them. Their comments about what a great graphic designer I am was almost embarrassing! Being totally self-taught, without any formal design education, I started out on this path mainly as a hobby to make a little extra money, AND because I just LOVE playing with graphics. They want to expand their business as well to launching a web site, and I had to tell them that I just don't have the expertise. I did refer them to a couple of my graphic design heroes though, so hopefully I will have helped them achieve their goals. I wish anyone trying to have a successful business these days an abundance of blessings and good luck. It is so tough.

I picked up a custom order of my Betsy Ross Vintage thread spool flags! A lady wanted 8 of them, so I got busy, made up 12, and have an extra 4 that I'm offering as a set on eBay this week, as well as some punch needle embroidery items.

You can see it all here:


Just like clockwork, my younger sister is offering a new round of her punch needle embroideries. I especially like the one she mounted to the top of an antique cheese box! Not your average cheese box, this one has metal trim around the top ~ Kewl! Isn't her work gorgeous? (sorry...link broken)

You can see the details here:


Wishing you all a glorious July 4th weekend!

Til next time,


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