Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trip to West Virginia

This past weekend, hubby and I took a quick trip to West Virginia on personal family business. Fourteen hours in the car! I shot some gorgeous photos that I wanted to share ~

Have I told you I'm deathly afraid of heights? I was a nervous wreck the whole time, but still glad I could see the breathtaking part of the country where my husband was raised!


Kelly said...

Awesome pictures Mary. Thanks for sharing. 14 hours would be 14 hours too long for me...LOL
and as far as the heights seems as though we`re in the same boat ;)


Sara~Graphic Pretties said...

very nice pics Mary!
I agree with Kelly 14 hours is sooo long in the car!!!

Kimmie said...

Oh My Goodness....I am getting the Vapors! That is way to high for me. You must have been a nervous wreck! It is pretty though. Just too high for my liking. Eeeegads! Yep, that is a very long ride. Bet your glad your home safe and sound.


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