Sunday, February 17, 2008

More New Punch Needle on Ebay

This week my sister has listed new punch needle pieces ~ her own and 2 that our other sister finished. Yeah, punch needle has been a family affair! Here are a few examples...

...However, you can see all her listing here:


As far as my eBay activities, I have made the decision to boycott eBay during the coming week. The strike is intended to send eBay a message that their new change in policy concerning the feedback system (Sellers are no longer allowed to leave feedback for buyers) and their increase in selling fees is unacceptable to SELLERS. I listed one auction 10 days ago, expecting to be out of town for a 7 day listing and didn't think about the strike at the time, so that one auction will run over into the boycott time frame. Otherwise, I will stand united with my fellow sellers and hope our voices are heard loud and clear enough to effect some change.

It's going to be an interesting week!


Sara~Graphic Pretties said...

Hey Mary!

I am also boycotting. I actually just ended my store listings...I kept debating but decided to end them. I hope they make some changes!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Wow! Those needle punch projects are fabulous. I just bought my first kit and am looking forward to learning this "new" art. I can hardly believe that bunny pillow is needlepunch. I love it!


Paula of October*Moon*Primitives said...

Hi Mary, Awesome punch needle items. I love the sheep!!

Kimmie said...

Hi Ya' Mary!

Wow, you gals sure are talented! I love them all!


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