Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BOO to you!

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Are you getting ready for Halloween? Found some good deals on candy for the kiddies? Costumes rounded up and ready to go? I told hubby I'd like a pumpkin, but I saw them at the local grocery store last week for $15.00, and I wasn't about to pay that! He was looking at one of my magazines and came up with a great idea to light up a pumpkin for the front porch. So while he was at the grocery store this weekend he picked up a pumpkin for $3 and some change (they must have had the wrong pricing signs up earlier). Now he's all excited about his special project! LOL! Love the cooler, crisp air we are enjoying in the evenings now. In a little more than a week they say it's the optimum time for "leaf peeping" (or "leaf peeking" as hubby likes to call it), in the South Carolina upstate.

Today I was playing with glitter. Black glitter to be exact. I created the "Boo" banner pictured above. I'm not real happy with the glue I used, although "they" say it's the best for adhering glitter. But it was fun to create something for the season to dress up our mantel for the next couple of weeks. I think hubby's inner child is going to like it! : )

Want to make one of your own? Visit The Graphics Fairy to download the graphics here:


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Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Mary I love that banner! Thanks for shawing the link. I do have some black glass glitter that I have yet to use ;)


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