Friday, June 26, 2009

My Sisters' Punch Needle Embroidery on eBay this week!

My two sisters love it when I feature their punch needle embroidery creations! One of them is computer challenged, and the other doesn't have time to maintain a blog since she works full time. My baby sister always says "oh, if this one doesn't sell, I will give it to you for your birthday." But they always end up selling! Hey sis, if you pop in here ~ my birthday's coming up the end of July! ...and I'd really like an eyeglass case like the one you sold last week.

Here's what my Atlanta sis has for you this week, (you can see them in more detail here by clicking on the link below):


And here's what my baby sister up in Virginia has on eBay this week, (just click on the link below to see all the details):


I think my favorite one this week is "Bless the Flowers and the Weeds" : -)

'Til next time,



Gollywobbles said...

I love it when you share your sister's work. They are so lucky to have a sister like you! Can I adopt you? I have 3 brothers, and no sisters, and I'm so easy to get along with!!

Hugs and smiles,

Anonymous said...

Too funny Mary, I sure hope your Sis gets the GREAT BIG hints you left here :D

And a Happy upcoming Birthday to you

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