Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's Blooming in South Carolina Right Now?

With blogging friends from all parts of the country, I thought I would do a monthly post on what's currently blooming in South Carolina. Click on the photos for a larger view! So here's a little peek at what's brightening up the Boggs' world right now...

We have a really nice large stand of Iris that has been blooming for a couple of weeks now and will be finishing up soon. I've been pinching the dead side shoots off on a regular basis to keep them fresh looking.

The roses are gracing us with their first bloom, and although they have black spot, mites, thrips, and other nasty pests we will have to work hard at getting under control, they are beautiful and extremely fragrant!

These are wild roses the previous owner planted around the trees along the fence.

Columbine has always been one of my favorite flowers, and I was delighted to see this one pop up in the garden, planted by the previous owners.

The oakleaf hydrangea appears to be getting ready to bloom in the next few weeks, along with peonies, and hopefully a couple of our other rose bushes.

If you're a gardener, have fun getting dirty! 'Til next time,



Anonymous said...

Mary I love your blog, what beautiful photography and such wonderful flowers.

Liggy said...

I can't wait for my fruit trees to bear their fruit this year - though, that's if the squirrels don't beat me to them!

I love those pics of the flowers! They're so lovely they make me smile...

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