Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tag ~ I'm "IT"

Well, I always thought I was "IT" till I turned 50. As some of you older gals know ~ hairs start popping out on your chin, "skin tags" appear in and around your cleavage, and mysterious looking growths mar that milky complexion. Anyway, I'm stalling. Michele at Holly Tree Primitives "TAGGED" me. What that means is... you are requested to divulge five (5) personal things about yourself for the world wide web to see.

#1. See above ~ I'm not entirely thrilled about being middle-aged.

#2. I almost became a police officer. At the time I was working as an assistant to the Chief of Police in a small New England College City. Having scored at the top of the civil service test for this position, the Chief was really excited about the prospect of having the very first female police officer within the ranks. On the brink of making my decision, I confessed to the Chief that I was really worried about being able to do the job ~ especially in a situation where I would have to break up a bar brawl. He looked at me and said "Honey, all you have to do is put that stick between their legs and walk them out of the bar!" I wasn't convinced and declined the opportunity.

#3. My husband is twenty (yes 20!) years younger than I. Comments upon divulging this particular information ranges from "You Go Girl!" to "Craddle Robber!" We have been married for 9 years now and still have not had an argument. One of my sisters says she can't believe it, and that we are "freaks."

#4. Prior to my current profession as a stay-at-home-doggie-Mom pursuing my creative outlet, I held many jobs, none of which I really loved. Oh, I brought plenty of passion and dedication to these occupations which paid the rent and allowed me to buy-buy-buy whatever my little heart desired. But really doing something every day that you love, well ~ not so much. I started out my working life as a "parlor maid" for a member of the Whitney family. After that, I was a legal secretary for 9 years, then went to the police department. From there I worked for a residential real estate developer, then a commercial major mall developer which allowed me to travel away from home for the first time. Up until 2 years ago I worked in project management for various commercial construction entities. Hubby got a new job that allowed us to put down some "roots", we bought a new house, and I got to stay home! So far I haven't wanted to go back to work in commercial construction, because I'm just so darn tired of having to be mean!

#5. Other talent? I was a "Selectone," along with my twin brother in high school. This was a select group of tenors, altos, soprano (that was me) and bass, which performed at the yearly chorus concerts. We were encouraged to compete at NYSMA (New York State Music Association ~I think is what it was called). I performed "Somewhere My Love," and my twin performed "La Donne Mobile." I think I only got a B+. Watch out American Idol!

So now I have to tag 5 people. I will have to give that some thought, but I'll be back!


Holly Tree Primitives said...

Awesome Job Mary, thanks for indulging me! I have hag hairs and skin tabs too, and I am 33, what does that say about me???? I am not sure, just old I guess. But I don't have a gray hair on my head. (Nice n Easy hair "augmentation" is great!!!)


Bluejean Primitives said...

Girls! Those are beauty marks!!! Be proud of them (or pluck them often) hehehe

Jean :)

Mary said...

Hi, girls! Thanks for leaving your comical remarks ~ Yeah, ya gotta laugh about it! Pop on in and sign my guestbook when you get a chance!


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