Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Spring/Summer Blog Makeover

Hi Y'all! I'm so excited to report that Spring is in full bloom here in South Carolina, and as is often the case, our weather transitions to Summer very quickly. I decided to give my blog a seasonal makeover, using photos from our gardening endeavors. We are so lucky to find something new and surprising pop up every year, since the previous owners of our home were very avid gardeners. The property set vacant for several years before being sold, and the gardens did languish. But each year we add more Miracle Grow, and Shazam, something is rejuvenated. This year I found more crocus and some red tulips so far. The only thing I'm not happy to see is Wisteria. While it IS beautiful and smells really lovely, it is very invasive in this part of the country.

We recently started planting our vegetable garden ~ corn, sugar-snap peas, zuchinni, crooked necked squash, and tomatoes, as well as two trays of seed starts of vegetables and flowers which have just started to sprout. I'm really looking forward to a fun-filled gardening year of more surprises ~ including the surprise that I DO have somewhat of a green thumb! LOL!

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Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

OMG`SH Mary what a beautiful blog makeover! I love that you used pics from your very own garden.

How neat to be surprised each year by new sprouts appearing in your garden.

I can`t wait to get out and tend to mine. I`m itching to get some planting time in ;-)

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