Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The future hope of America

When I was a young woman, married and hopeful of having a child of my own, I found out that I had problems, though not fully diagnosed at the time, which resulted in my being barren. I can remember growing up, back when women were not expected to attend college, dreaming about having a family of my own. That, unfortunately, was not in God's plan for me. And although I am content with finding the love of my life, albeit 20 years my junior, and deciding that we would not pursue having a family when we married (I was 43 and he was 23 at the time), there are days I feel I have missed something quite special in my life.

When I was 22, married for the first time and attempting to conceive a child, every month that passed without having conceived was so emotionally sad for me. My sister who was 2 years younger, and to whom I was exceptionally close, finally was pregnant with child. She felt so bad for me that when her first child was born, (my god-daughter Sarah), she literally "gave" her to me. I fed her, burped her, bathed her, rocked her, and bought her a birthday present every month. God, I loved that baby. My sister's selfless act, borne of her great love for me and my situation, remains in my heart forever.

Anyway, that special child ~ Sarah ~ now has two children of her own. The children pictured above. The first child, Lillie, was born so premature they didn't think she would even make it. Sarah had gone into a seizure and the child had to be taken. It's nothing short of a miracle how far Sarah and Lillie have come in the past two years. The wee one is Sarah's new baby, Adeline. Let us all do whatever we have to, to safeguard all our children in the days ahead so that they can realize their dreams as the future hope of America.

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Anonymous said...

WOW Mary, you just gave me chills up and down my spine, what a heart warming story.

God bless you and your beautiful family Mary.

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