Friday, March 27, 2009

Yard Work

Earlier this week hubby and I spent a whole day doing yard work. Although he's had a couple nibbles and promises of being emailed 2 job offers, nothing solid has hit yet. So he's been home with me for the past 4 weeks. Now some of you women reading this are probably raising your eyebrows and thinking "OMG", I couldn't have my husband under my feet for that long, he'd drive me crazy! But I was actually telling 'love of my life' last night that I wish we were independently wealthy so that we could spend all our time together. Really!

Anyway, we were both so sore and tired at the end of the day sitting on the back deck surveying our hard work! He turns to me and says "Doesn't even look like we did anything does it?!" Ain't that the truth! Living in the South, we've got that rock hard red clay for soil. Doesn't even qualify as dirt as far as I'm concerned! Whatever we've dug out, I've had hubby dump in a low spot along the back property line. What prompted this marathon work day, cutting dead trees, and rounding up downed tree limbs, leaves and pesky "picky balls" from the gum trees? Well our neighbor who owns the property behind us is finally putting up a fence. I knew if we waited it out we wouldn't have to fork out the money for fencing! Praise the Lord too ~ the timing couldn't be better with unemployment in South Carolina only $320 per week. We have wanted a fence up for so long! Our dogs love to wander back there and visit with the neighbors and their dogs, and screaming at them "STAY IN YOUR YARD" just isn't working.

I hope to post some "after" pictures later this summer when things are blooming and we've got our vegetable garden in, but here's a look at our 'blank canvas' we're working with...

I want to move some peonies here, but hubby and I are in gridlock over putting tomato plants and other vegetables here or the peonies. I prefer the peonies and maybe some more roses!

It has rained here for the past 4 days in a row, and more rain is predicted over the weekend, but our next chore is to get the back deck and deck furniture pressure washed so that we can enjoy our evening cocktails and supper out there!

Til next time, hope you are enjoying your Spring, including the yard work!


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