Monday, February 23, 2009

New Punch Needle Listings on eBay by my sisters!

My two sisters are on a roll! Virginia Sis has several new punch needle embroidery pieces listed ~ Here's a preview of just a few!

You can check out all her listings here:


And my Atlanta sister, trying to hold down a part time job AND an externship for medical billing, has found time to create and list a couple really wonderful Spring/Easter punch needle pieces this week...

You can take a closer peek at all the little details here:


Owning numerous punch needle creations graciously gifted to me by both of my sisters, I can assure you that they do impeccable, gorgeous work! I am so lucky to have such talented, generous sisters.

'Til next time,


1 comment:

Kimmie said...

Oh Mary! These are just precious! I just love both of your sisters offerings. That bunny is adorable! I can't wait for Spring...I miss the flowers and all the pretty colors.

Seeing these sure did brighten me up! Thank You also for the beautiful post you left me. I love you my dear, sweet, Mary!


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