Monday, September 8, 2008

New Christmas~Holiday Season Auction Template Designs on eBay Now!

In the past week I've had one of my previous customers email me, inquiring about available Christmas~Holiday Season auction templates for eBay. Thanks for motivating me, Debby! Well, all of the ones I made last year were just for me, with a little help from my friend Sara at Graphic Pretties. Since I didn't have the technical knowledge to add some animation effects I wanted for my templates, I had Sara do it for me ~ effects like falling snow and candles burning. Anyway, once you add these type of effects and text to a Logo, you can't edit it, and I didn't save a "blank" like I usually do when I decide I am going to offer a particular design for sale. So it was back to the drawing board! I've come up with several different, new designs, but this one's my favorite:

If you'd like to take a peek at all of them, here's the quick link:

Sew Dear To Me

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